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Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn’s 20th Anniversary Celebration


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Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn’s 20th Anniversary Celebration


The Carolwood Foundation is pleased to present “Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn’s 20th Anniversary Celebration” - Saturday, July 13th, 2019. A memorable evening is planned as we celebrate this milestone anniversary with:

  • A panel discussion of the effort to save Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn
  • A sumptuous BBQ feast provided by Stonefire Grill
  • A raffle and live auction of rare and original art and objects
  • Live music
  • A special surprise announcement!

The highlight of the evening is presentation of the “Carolwood Foundation Hearts & Heritage Awards”. This recognition is of those individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to Walt Disney’s railroad legacy.


The Carolwood Foundation


The Carolwood Foundation's mission is to preserve Walt Disney's railroad legacy. We accomplish this through: sharing our volunteers' and supporters' love of railroading; teaching our children to understand the role that railroads served in building America, and encouraging the continual appreciation of railroading.

Carolwood hosts several social events each year which have resulted in the creation of lifelong friendships among our members, and wonderful memories for all. We also operate Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn, located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, on behalf of the Walt Disney Family Foundation.

Walt's Barn

Today, Walt's Barn is a living showcase of Walt's passion for railroading. Operated by the non-profit Carolwood Foundation, Walt's Barn is filled with trains of all scales. Many of Walt's personal items and tools are displayed including work benches he built himself. Our guests also enjoy seeing the depot from animator Ollie Johnston's miniature railroad and our newest addition: an original "combine" coach from the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad!

Walt's Barn is open generally open every 3rd Sunday of the month, subject to change without notice, where our members serve as volunteer hosts. Please check out the Walt’s Barn Facebook page for the most up to date information on operating days and special guests. We invite you to visit Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn to learn more about Walt Disney and his railroad legacy. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ollie Johnston's Station

The Foundation saved Ollie's Station from the Johnston property before it went up for sale in 2007. The Station has been restored and is on display next to Walt's Barn in Griffith Park.

Retlaw1 Combine

"Combine" is a railroad term for a coach that carries both passengers and freight. One such car was used on the Missouri Pacific train upon which Walt Disney worked as a 14-year-old news butch. The combine from the Disneyland Retlaw1 consist was purchased by the Carolwood Foundation in 2012. We have now completed the restoration but still need to construct a permanent shelter to home for the combine next to Walt's Barn.